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Sales Tip of the Week #4

Posted by Jordan Wilson on Sep 29, 2017 3:22:59 PM

sales tip

So, last week we began our talk on how the research you've done can help you during a sales pitch. We talked about preparing your research before the sales call so the preparation adds to your ability to sell which increases your confidence level.

Now, we can begin to talk about best practices during the actual sales call.

FIRST, start with an actual conversation. Don't introduce yourself and head right into your pitch. That is cold and comes off disingenuous. Treat this like a conversation with friends. (at least at first) 

Sell to their needs, not yours. Ask questions to uncover their specific needs, wants, or issues. Don’t spend the whole conversation talking about why you think they could use your product/service. 

Do as much listening as you can. Try to pick up on every cue the customer might give.

Record the conversation, if you can. Taking another listen can help you when you follow up with that customer if the sale fell through. 

Asking questions can be a great tool when you feel the sale slipping. Listen to their answers and respond accordingly. Show them you are listening and not just trying to get through a played out script.


Tune in for next week's sales tip!


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