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Sales Tip of the Week #3

Posted by Jordan Wilson on Sep 22, 2017 3:50:12 PM

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Last week, we talked about researching your client and how that can help create an opening in the conversation you're having.

This week, let's talk about how that research can benefit you during a sales pitch.

We mentioned before how important it is to know your product or service inside and out. Here's why:

Knowing a lot about your product or service will give you more confidence in your ability to discuss it with customers. This confidence translates into a smoother experience for each customer. And, being able to answer questions without help improves your overall image.

Trust me. I’ve been in a sales position for products when I didn’t quite understand all the benefits that I was trying to sell.

First, you can’t convert a lurker into a buyer without knowing what benefits apply to them. Knowing these benefits is the best way you can apply them to match the needs of your client, the only way to know how their problems can be solved with your product.

Secondly, any confidence I had in my abilities to sell was abysmal. This made every day at work miserable and every attempted sale awfully awkward. And, I’ve been told I could talk someone into walking off a bridge when I’m in the groove.

Keep your research organized and highlight key points to bring up to your client. At this point, your preparation should shift beyond research and you should begin to organize this information. Once you have your information compiled and organized, start to highlight key points that will be the most relevant. 

As a rule of thumb, I always prepare what I'm going to say beforehand. So, when I'm having the actual conversation, I can refer to my notes and organically improvise according to how the conversation is going.

The key is preparation! 

Next week, we'll talk more on how you can apply all the research you've done and how helpful asking questions can be.

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