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Sales Tip of the Week #2

Posted by Jordan Wilson on Sep 13, 2017 3:50:39 PM


Last week we talked about knowing the product you're trying to sell. This week, we're going to focus more on researching the company you're selling to.



Fortunately for us, the internet has made this ridiculously easy. For instance, Hubspot has put together a list of 18 Places to Research a Prospect Before a Sales Call to make this research a lot easier.

Social media is another GREAT way to find out more about a person or company. Check out what groups they follow on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Websites, like Glassdoor, can be invaluable tools when researching companies. You can find their current competitors, a list of employees, and company reviews.


Even a cursory look through Google can reveal valuable information. You might find recent company news or recent issues they’ve had. Presenting solutions to potential problems can create talking points, helping you make the sale.

This information might tell you exactly how your company can benefit your customer. Or, it can point you in the right direction on what questions to ask.

While doing your homework, try and find a common interest. Anything that can create a connection to build on. You don’t have to fake a friendship but just being nice can make a world of difference. You never know! That might be the one thing that’s missing from their current provider.

Researching your client is an easy and free way to get one step closer to closing that sale. Next week, we'll move onto the actual converstion you have with a customer.

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