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Sales Tip of the Week

Posted by Jordan Wilson on Sep 8, 2017 1:32:17 PM



sales tip of the week


In sales, there is always room for improvement, new strategies to test, and new ways to test them.

Fortunately for us, these strategies are constantly being shared on the web. 


There are hundreds of websites with thousands of tips for selling. I decided to comb through this information, combine it with advice from industry professionals, and post a tip breakdown each week.


Know Your Products or Services


sales tip of the week

Our first tip is research. Research as much as you can about the products or services your company offers. Find the best salesmen you can and ask them to demo their best pitch for you. If possible, try the product or service yourself.

I once worked at a restaurant that had us try every thing on the menu the way it came. That way when a customer asked, I was able to give an accurate description and suggestions on choice. People really appreciate good advice. 


Having the knowledge you need on hand allows you to answer your client's questions and concerns without hesitation. These questions or concerns are a client's way of objecting to the sale and having a response handy will aid you in closing a sale.

This information will also help you make comparable suggestions if a client brings up problems with their current provider. The more informed you come across, the more trustworthy you’ll seem and the easier it will be to build a rapport with a customer.

If you already know everything you need to about your product or service, the next step is to research the client. 

Next week we'll talk further about researching before a sale, this time about your client. Check back to learn more!



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