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Online Dating: Need Some Help?

Posted by Jordan Wilson on Oct 9, 2017 10:16:09 AM

38308-White-and-brown-and-white-Bulldog-puppies-kissing-white-background.jpg                    Photo credit: Warren Photographic 


Truck drivers are always on the road. Leaving very little time for social interaction making dating extremely difficult. 

So, how do you sift through the numerous dating apps, blackmailers, or just general jerks?

Considering I've used many dating apps, gone on several dates, and even formed lasting relationships from said apps, I'm practically an expert!

Even if you aren’t sure about meeting anyone in person yet, just having someone to talk to on long drives could make things more pleasant.


Here are a few tips to safely sift through the selections:


  • Put a little something in your bio. Maybe what you like to do for fun or your favorite bands. You can put up the results of a personality test so someone can see how closely they match. These quick blurbs can help someone break the ice in a first message. Not having anything in your bio is a little suspicious and less people will consider you an option. It makes people think you are a bot.
  • Don’t list what you think other people would be interested in. Be yourself. Everything is easier if you don't have to pretend to be interested in something you're not.
  • Use spellcheck! Using 'u' instead of 'you' really doesn't save that much time.
  • Don’t oversell anything about yourself


  • If they only have one picture, that’s a major red flag. They can easily steal images from anywhere on the internet. A quick drag of the image over to Google Images might clear that up though. If their photos look professional, you might want to Google image search them too.
  • If you aren't very good at taking pictures of yourself, get someone to take a picture of you. Don’t take 5 super similar selfies and post them thinking one will stick.  
  • It’s always nice to have an example of you having fun with your friends but when every picture is you with multiple people playing facial recognition with the pictures could be avoided by including one by yourself or with a pet. Girls love puppies & cats!
  • Include up to date pictures. It's better to be honest up front if you want to make an actual connection with someone.
  • Avoid pictures that show too much unless that’s your selling point. It will attract unsavory people.


  • If they ask to Skype immediately or send you a link, BEWARE. This is the MO of scammers and blackmailers. Also, you face the risk of a virus used to get your personal information.
  • When asked, be honest about your situation, whether you have kids, been through a divorce or have been single for 2 years. People will understand and you might even find someone with a similar situation that you can connect with.
  • Don’t blow up anyone’s inbox even though you matched. Take things easy and reply when appropriate. It can scare people off if you contact them too frequently in the beginning.
  • Learn to take rejection well. It’s going to happen no matter who you are. There is always going to be people who don’t click with you that way.

While these tips can be applied to any dating app, there are (majority free) apps specifically for truck drivers such as: Trucker Passions.

The easiest way to find out what kind of person they are is to talk to them. Taking your time to meet someone in person can save you some time and energy. 

Have fun with it and try not to take yourself too seriously. But, be careful and use your instincts!