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How to Do Company Culture the Right Way

Posted by Jordan Wilson on Aug 9, 2017 1:57:12 PM

company culture

For those of you who don't know what a company's culture is; it's pretty much the personality of that company and its employees. So you should be asking yourself, would I want to be friends with that company? 

A company's culture sets the tone for what is appropriate to say, joke about, and the way you act around your coworkers. Since you're going to spend the marjority of your waking hours with these people, it's nice to find a company where you can be yourself.

Company culture ranks higher on employee prospects' list than ever before. And, in order to increase competition for the best and brightest, companies are spending millions to create the best environments for employees. From Google to Whole Foods to Zappos, companies around the nation are striving to make that 40-hour work week less crappy. Alabama Motor Express has taken many steps to create an environment employees love to walk into.


"A good company culture is the ultimate motivator. It is what can take your company to the next level." 

          -- Collins White, President of AMX Logistics


When researching companies known for their sought after work environments, you'll find one of the simplest ways to make employees happier and more productive is to be open and honest with them. AMX Logistics knows how important it is to have happy employees. At AMX, there are no closed doors. If you have a question, you'll get an answer. With honesty and candor comes trust. And, when you trust the leadership you follow, making good decisions comes more naturally.

Trusting your boss effects retaining millenials at an especially high rate. Considering millenials have the highest turnover rate of any generation, this should concern most employers. Trust creates a better sense of loyalty and decreases turnover. Every employee at AMX knows where they stand and how they're doing.

According to an article by RealWise, "When employees know how they're doing --- and how their ongoing activities align with corporate goals --- they perform at a higher level and stay with an organization longer."

Another simple way employers can create a more productive environment is by positive reinforcement. Recognizing an employees' good work is free and easy. After all, rewarding good behavior makes it much more likely that good behavior will be repeated. It leads employees in the direction you want them to go. While lack of reinforcement leads to job dissatisfaction, according to an article by Forensic Magazine.

AMX fosters an easygoing atmosphere. Leadership provides requirements and deadlines but they don't micromanage fufillment of these tasks which can seriously frustrate employees and reduce confidence in their own abilities. 

At AMX, work is a team sport and we all share the load, plus a little competition to make things fun.

The camaraderie at AMX makes it feel like a family. Every day, I come to work my coworkers greet me, ask me how the night before was and what I had for dinner. We joke with each other, help each other, and argue about sports. It's an environment I look forward to walking into each day and it wouldn't be that way if it wasn't for the culture of AMX. 

In addition to a great company culture, AMX offers great benefits as well. Between PTO, aggressive commission and great health care, employers at AMX know that in order for the company to succeed, it's employees must too. 

If you are in the market for a job and haven't considered a company's culture as a priority, you are making a huge mistake. Lucky for you, companies everywhere are realizing how much better their productivity would be if their employees are comfortable in their environment.

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